Pastured Pork and Chicken Sign Up

Pastured Pork and Chicken Sign Up

This product is vacuum packed and delivered right to your door.

Chickens will be available starting in Mid-July and will be delivered frozen to your door.

Hog will be butchered in batches starting in late September running through the beginning of December. These are first come, first serve so the sooner you sign up for your hog, the sooner you will get your hog.

At the time of butcher, we will send out cut sheets for you to fill out to choose your processing options for your pork. You can have whole and half hogs custom processed, however, quarter hogs size does not allow for custom choices.

Our hogs and chickens are butchered humanely at 2 family butchers that we know and trust. They are fed organic GMO and soy- free grain ration, spent grain from a local brewery (Able Seedhouse and Brewery), given lots and lots of vegetables and pastured on cover crops.

The pricing for our animals is as follows:

Red wattle/Berkshire cross and large black heritage breeds

Full: 3.25/lb hanging weight
Half: 3.60/lb hanging weight
Quarter: 4/lb hanging weight

The hanging weight for a typical hog is around 170-180 lbs. You also pay the butcher cost (slaughter, curing, sausages, etc). A typical hog should yield around 125-135 lbs of actual meat. The butcher costs vary a lot depending on smoking, curing, nitrate-free processing options and cuts, but it usually comes in around $230 or so. So, the ending price is around 6-7/lb depending on what portion of hog you buy and what you want done with it.
All hog sizes include all cuts, including ham, bacon, pork chops, roasts and ground pork. For wholes and halves you can have extras made such as brats, links, braunschwieger, spiced sausages and choice of curing. Quarters come as a set package with the above cuts, but no extras made.

Freedom Ranger Brown Broilers
The dressed weight on a typical bird tends to be smaller than your typical meat bird. They also take longer to reach weight because they eat a lot of grasses and bugs, not just grain. They will be about 3-4.5 lbs each typically.

1-2 Whole Chicken: $5.10/lb
3-4 Whole Chickens: $4.85/lb
5 or more Whole Chickens: $4.60

CSA Vegetables from Amery, Wisconsin