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Our Pork Shares are One-Time packages delivered to your door. Once you sign up you are also able to make add-ons to your packages with special items like chorizo, all pork hot dogs, hot italian brats and more!

Our hogs are fed organic non-GMO, corn-free and soy-free grain ration, spent barley from a local brewery (Able Seedhouse and Brewery), fed lots and lots of vegetables and pastured on cover crops. Our pigs are raised 100% on pasture and rotated frequently on cover crops and fallow vegetable fields. Due to their healthy lifestyle and diet, our pork has higher Omega 3:6 ratios and is highiner in CLA’s.

The pricing for our pork is as follows

PIGLET: 15 lbs of pork $135
2-3 Ham steaks (thick cut naturally smoked)
2 lbs bacon
2-3 lbs Ground (mix of plain and breakfast)
brats (1 or two of each)
2-3 packages 1.25″ pork chops
Shoulder roast

LITTLE PIGGY: 30 lb package $260 
1 smoked ham (naturally smoked)
about 5 lbs lbs plain and breakfast ground pork
about 2-3 lbs bratwurst
1-2 shoulder roasts
smoked hock/shanks or spare ribs
several pork chops 1.25 inch thick
3-4 lbs thick cut bacon (naturally smoked)

BIG PIGGY: 60 lb package $485
This is basically double the cuts mentioned for the “little piggy”

THE WHOLE HOG: 120 LB package $900
You will receive:
2 naturally smoked hams (cut in half, so 4 total)
approx.12-15 lbs bacon
lots of pork chops 1.25″
approx. 25-28 lbs total of ground pork, plain and seasoned, brats 
4-5 roasts
spare ribs
smoked hocks

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