Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

Our hogs are fed organic non-GMO, corn and soy-free barley and pea mix and fed lots and lots of vegetables and pastured on cover crops. We do not have to give our pigs antibiotics, dewormer or hormones, thus making for a very clean and healthy meat. Our pigs are raised 100% on pasture and rotated frequently on cover crops and fallow vegetable fields. Due to their healthy lifestyle and diverse diet, our pork has higher Omega 3:6 ratios and is higher in CLA’s.

These packages are designed to give you a rounded assortment of all the cuts of an animal. There is quite a bit of ground pork in each package. Based on availability, you can mix/match from these types of ground products: plain ground, breakfast ground, breakfast links, plain brats, hot italian brats and chorizo bulk. Please email with requests

pork package sizing/pricing:

delivered frozen to your door!

PIGLET: 15 lbs of pork $161.25
1-2 Ham steaks (thick cut naturally smoked)
2-3 lbs bacon
3-5 lbs Ground
2-3 packages 1.25″ pork chops
Shoulder roast

LITTLE PIGGY: 30 lb package $315
1 smoked ham (naturally smoked) and/or ham steaks
about 7-8 lbs lbs Ground
1-2 shoulder roasts
smoked hock/shanks or spare ribs
several pork chops 1.25 inch thick
3-4 lbs thick cut bacon (naturally smoked)

BIG PIGGY: 60 lb package $615
This is basically double the cuts mentioned for the “little piggy”

THE WHOLE HOG: 120 LB package $1170
You will receive:
several quartered hams and ham steaks
approx. 12-15 lbs bacon
lots of pork chops 1.25″
approx. 25 lbs total of ground 
4-5 roasts
spare ribs
smoked hocks

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