Join the Blackbrook Farm Crew for the 2021 Season!

Employees Start:  April-May
Employees End:  October
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

Positions Available:

Farm Crew Employee:

Will assist in all aspects of the farm from  greenhouse work, planting ,harvesting, packing, weeding to working  with the animals.  You do not have to have prior farm experience, but it is encouraged.

Livestock/Vegetable Employee:

We are looking for someone who has a big interest in working with animals as well as vegetables.  You will work with the crew on the our vegetable farm as well as take on the task of livestock manager. The work week is about 40 hrs, Mon-Fri 8-5.
Your responsibilities will be to do the daily chores that include watering, moving and feeding the pigs, cows and chickens.  Observing the animals welfare on a daily basis is crucial as well as interest in animals.  You will be communicate with us any issues or problems that arise. This position will take a strong person who can move chicken huts daily, utilize the skidsteer and haul water.

For all positions:

We encourage folks to apply who have a desire to farm on their own in the future.  For the 2021, we are looking for 3 full time positions or possible part-time positions.    We are looking for applicants who are self-motivated,  good communicators and have an eye for efficiency and quality, which are not mutually exclusive.  Your responsibilities will be in all areas of the farm and will include but are not limited to:  greenhouse propagation, transplanting vegetables, cultivating, harvesting and packing vegetables, tending to the animals, tractor work and more.  We need people who are able to take a leadership role, can work alone or in a group, are interested in gaining knowledge and learning how to work more efficiently and get work done!  We do have high expectations of our employees, and in return you are rewarded with a decent wage, all the food you could want, good community and a degrees worth of education on how to farm organically.

This is a high paced production farm, so you learn by doing.  If you are interested you can learn how to do a multitude of tasks on the tractor including cultivating, spreading, bed preparation and more.  All employees will learn how to propagate plants, transplant, weed, harvest and pack vegetables,  how to irrigate using drip and overhead, how to grow in high tunnels, and how to tend to pastured animals.

Farm Crew Employees will assist the leaders and me in all the day to day farm work.  greenhouse work, planting ,harvesting, packing, weeding and all daily animal chores.

Skills Desired: Applicants for the farm crew positions do not need to have experience, although it is preferred and desired.  We train new employees every year and are interested in employees who have a desire to work here for more than one year with added responsibility and pay.  The primary skills required will be a strong work ethic and common sense.  We need employees who want to learn by doing, are motivated and have enthusiasm and energy, have an ability to easily lift 40lbs and are physically able bodied.  Manual labor skills will help but is not required, a strong mental state and ability to take constructive and positive criticism and an ability to work as a team are needed.

Compensation: We work Monday-Friday 8-5,  sometimes we will work over time if a task needs to be completed that day. Sometimes the leaders will meet with me before or after work. Weekend hours are not required unless you sign up to  do animal chores.  Starting pay is $11/hour for the Farm Crew positions and $12/hour for the livestock position but could be higher if you have a year or more of organic farming experience or other production farming experience.

Meals:  We eat well, using our vegetables, meats and eggs from the farm as well as other local foods.  We consider food and meal time to be one of the most important activities and benefits of working on our farm.  We share in a mid-day meal together.  We value the quality of our meals, so when we do not personally prepare the meals, we have our employees prepare them on paid time.   You can purchase food items you want for yourself (within reason) or for communal meals and be reimbursed monthly if you are living in the farm.

Housing:  board is taken out of your paycheck.  You will be provided with a reasonably sized private bedroom in our intern house or in a camper. Internet is provided. Please bring boots, mud boots, rain gear, appropriate clothing for all types of weather and sheets and pillows for your bed. You do not need to bring any furniture.

Preferred method Of Contact: email is best. blackbrook.farm.llc@gmail.com or 828-702-0444 (Ayla) or 651-343-2595 (James)

Organic Vegetables and pastured meats grown in Amery, Wisconsin