Our Farm Animals

Our animals play a key role in our whole farm system.   We both started farming feeling that a farm is not a “farm” without animals!  They provide essential fertility for our fields, help to aerate the soil and work up the dirt.  They also eat our culled vegetables and turn that into manure that goes back on our fields.  We feed them, and they feed us. On our farm, we raise a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle for grass fed beef and pastured heritage breed pigs in addition to pastured Organic chickens.


Our mission is to increase the health and soil of our farm.  Animals do this by sequestering carbon, building organic matter and stimulating healthy perennial grasses and forbs to grow on this land.  Vegetables take a lot of minerals and nutrients to grow.  There needs to be fertility to grow vegetables.  And unless you are going to use a chemical fertilizer (not allowed in organic farming), you need animal manures and cover crops.  We do buy in some manure, but we are working towards creating our own with rotating our animals on fallow land and creating compost (vegetable and manure).  Buy rotating our animals on pasture, we are not only managing our land in an way that helps the soil.  It is also good for our animals.  They always have fresh forage and hay.  They stay clean and healthy with a diverse diet, clean environment and lots of healthy microbes.


Not that we need another reason to raise healthy animals on our farm besides building our soil and keeping our animals healthier and happier, but the meat quality is noticeably tastier and better for you.  The Omega 3:6 ratio and CLA’s in our meats are higher due to a more diverse diet than your conventional corn fed animal.  We do not have to give our animals antibiotics because their guts are healthy and therefore they do not get sick.  We do not have to worm our animals due to them being rotated so frequently on our healthy pastures and having a strong and healthy immune system.  Our meats have more flavor, no filler and no pesticide, hormone or antibiotic residue, something you cannot say about store bought meats- even organic meats.


We have Certified Organic Pasture Raised Chickens!  These birds were fed an organic barley and pea ration in addition to fresh daily pasture.  They run about 3-5 lbs a bird and you can SIGN UP HERE

We now have 100% grass-fed, finished Scottish Highland Beef for sale! Find our more and order here

Organic Vegetables and pastured meats grown in Amery, Wisconsin